Frequently Asked Questions

How does AdsOptimal earn more revenues for me?

AdsOptimal is designed and optimized for mobile sites, which many site owners do not pay attention to. We make the ad load faster and make it easier to read on various smart device screens.

Many sites do not pay attention to mobile features, such as swiping, zoom and rotation, then let them broke the ad experience. We fix it and deliver awesome experience instead.

How do I test without losing my existing revenues?

For client who is worried about losing existing revenues, we usually advise our new users to start with small amount of traffic. You can put our code in some of your pages or add it on a smaller site. We can also advise how to display on X% of your mobile traffic and keep the rest untouched.

Once you see the revenue rate, you can decide whether to fully ramp up or delete it. Our code displays ad independently from your template. So, it is very easy to take in and out without modify your web structure.

Can I control my ad experience?

Although our set up is simple and automatic, we give an ability to adjust our experience to match with your site. You can alter ad size, frequency, and timing. If you are not satisfied, we can provide a custom design for you.

What is AdsOptimal advertising model?

AdsOptimal pay by performance of your traffic source. We rotate different mobile offers based on traffic’s country, device type and platform. Offers could be pay-per-impression, click or conversion. Our solution automatically chooses the one that performs better in order to maximize your RPM (aka. average dollars per serving).

What is AdsOptimal payment process?

We pay in US dollars currency. You can request a payout whenever you reach $50 minimum balance. For a balance lower than $1000, it takes couple business days to process. You can request as frequent as you want. When your monthly earning is more than $1000, we will contact you to make arrange a monthly scheduled payment.

What is AdsOptimal payment method?

Regular payment method are Paypal and check.
Wire transfer with no fee is available for amount more than $5000